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Sick Sunday January 26th, 2014
"I am sick"
(Isa. 33:24); here we find words never to be uttered by another generation at the coming of Christ. What a promise! We are certainly not that generation. I am sick and so were many of the Lord's precious sheep. Well over twenty of our number called in or reported they suffered the common symptoms of sore throat, painful cough, sinus problems, headache, and more this weekend. I preached both services but dear Bro. Goodman filled in for me for Bible study class. This illness is temporary and we have hope. It will soon pass and we will be back to full strength. What hope do those have who are "dead in trespasses and sin?" They're not just sick with sin, they've been slain by it. Ahh, what a cheerful voice it is we have heard. We have a Savior who calls his sheep by name and they rise from the dead. We've passed from death unto life. We've been raised to walk in newness of life. Preach the Savior, he is the only hope for sinners. Even these minor illnesses that plague us remind us of the precious promise of our God that "the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us." Change the world's perspective, preach Christ.

God Called a Man
Sunday, December 15th, 2013 Adam Brown came forward, stood before the assembly and declared that God had given him a call to preach God's word. He asked for their prayers and their observations as he seeks to obey the call that God has placed upon him. His wife Sonnen, holding their new baby Lillyane, stood with him as the church prayed for him and extended their hand to this family in support and recognition.
My heart is full and my mind racing with thoughts of the future and reminders of the past. It reminded me of my own call and response to that call by standing in the same place April 12th, 1981. I announced then to this same assembly and before my father who was then pastor, that I knew God was calling me into the ministry.
God bless you son, I pray you will be blessed with the power and the presence of the Spirit of God. I never thought to see such a day and only wish your grandfather was here to enjoy the moment with us and we could see three generations of preachers standing together.

Parking lot sealed
W.L. Brown

Thank you to all the men who helped in the preparation of the parking lot before it was sealed. There were a lot of man hours put into sealing the cracks and in preventative maintenance.
Special thanks to our Brother and deacon, Keven who headed the project, put in a great deal of time and effort and over saw the work. Thanks to Deacon Rick also for his work. It looks good and will help to extend our parking lot for years. Praise the Lord!