If you are looking for a church that is very traditional, uses exclusively the King James version, holds to sovereign grace, preaches the gospel, stands on church perpetuity, educates the saints, and welcomes the sinner then you may have  found the right place. We are unashamed of being a Baptist and associating ourselves with others who are of like mind and faith.

We hope you find your visit here profitable. You'll find we have a distinctive Baptist flavor with the sermons, writings and information located throughout our web page.

If you are unfamiliar with us be sure and take a peek through our pages. Something might catch your interest. What you will find is that our church centers around the Word of God where we have found our personal Lord and Savior as well as our blessings, privileges, and responsibilities. Our pages reflect that interest.

Pastor William L. Brown

(phone:   916-481-2911)

Old fashioned Traditional services and Hymns

Here at Carmichael Baptist Church our services are all old fashioned or traditional with old fashioned Hymns being sung from the book rather than PowerPoint presentations on a screen. Oh, we use PowerPoint, but only on Wednesday evening for Bible study and during our Adult Sunday School class. We display the outlines as the lectures are given.

New Audio Sermons Added

We have now added Audio sermons recorded during our Sunday morning services which are located on the Audio Sermons page. They should play on Windows Media Player by simply clicking on the name of the sermon. We also have a basic outline of each message to assist you in following the audio if you should so choose.

Sunday Bible Study

Our adult Bible Study class is presently using Roscoe Brong's outlines in volume 1. You can order you own two volume set from Richmond Road Baptist Church, Jerry Gumm, pastor. They are located in Lexington KY. We meet every Sunday morning at 10:00 am and conclude our study at 10:45 am.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Wednesday evening Bible study is reserved for a more deliberate study of the Scriptures. We do not try to make these intellectual studies but try to focus on the practical application of God's word while learning some of the deeper things from God's Word. We do incorporate PowerPoint for our presentations.

Come For A Visit

When in town, come visit us! Look on our information page for more help about us, what we believe, and where we are located.

CBC Quartet Music Sample

If you take a peek at our "Information Page" look along the left side in the green column. You can find a few songs recorded by our Quartet. They should play on Windows Media Player. Let us know what you think. We promise we don't put anyone who writes us on any mailing list.

For Current Events See The "News" Page

On our "News" Page we have a mixture of current events, CBC news, Pastor Brown's travels, Baptist happenings, and topics of interest. We try to keep the "News" page as up to date as possible.

Home Bible Studies are Available - Call Us for an Appointment

We have available a Home Bible Study. This is only for those who live in the local area. We have members who would be glad to make an appointment with you. They are six, one hour lessons, held once a week for six weeks. We meet with you in the comfort of your home at your convenience. These are no pressure lessons intended to give you a brief but systematic understanding of Basic Bible Truths. If you would like to know more contact us by phone or email.

Bible Institute of

Forrest Keener began the Bible Institute of Correspondance. It is a three year, four subject college or seminary equivalent course. Berean Baptist Church and Pastor Larry Banks have now converted the 96, 45 minute, audio cassettes to a mp3 format and they are available free on their web site.

An Historic Baptist Perspective

Certainly one of the things you'll soon find out about Carmichael Baptist Church is that we are a people who hold strongly to a Historic Baptist Perspective concerning ecclesiology, or church truth. We believe Christ established his church during his personal ministry and promised it a continued existence until he comes again. This church is local in nature and independent in government. The church is the people gathered according to the gospel, not the building built with wood and nails.

Look at our Links Page

We've updated our Links Page to include a feature on the Goggle search engine that some folks are not aware of the books available. Older books in the public domain have been scanned and are downloadable, searchable, and in the PDF file format. We have listed approximately 40 titles, mostly out of print, or hard to find, that will enrich any Baptist library and worthy of a good look.