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We do not endorse all the material of every link listed below. Some of the links are added for the sake of research material, many are of other Baptist churches of like faith and order. Not all Baptist churches are just alike and with those listed below you will find differences. 

We are now adding a new set of links that point to some historical Baptist works that are now online for viewing. We have listed for your use over 150 volumes (links) of valuable works. If you know of any Baptist works that are presently published through the web we would love to view them and put a link if possible. See "Books Online" below as well as "Goggle Books Online." Don't miss some of the old Baptist periodicals listed in the left hand column. Most of these are in a pdf file format, are word searchable and downloadable. Have fun!

W. L. Brown

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(The following recommended books are in PDF Format - searchable - and downloadable and hosted on google. Clicking on the link will open up another window without closing this page.)

(If you know of other Baptist works online, or in Google books that are of particular interest to Baptists, please let us know. Send an email to us by clicking on the following HELP US INFORM OTHERS)