Ladies Preference

Welcome  to "Ladies Preference" page. This is a page in which we have articles and testimonies from our Ladies at Carmichael to encourage and exhort a godly walk with the Lord. This is just a beginning so come back often to find out about the new additions.

    The ladies of Carmichael Baptist Church meet once a month for prayer, study of God's Word, and to become aware of areas and opportunities of service. This meeting also provides a time for fellowship and growth in the Lord. We meet each third Tuesday of the month.

If you would like more information about these Bible studies, or how you can participate if you live in our area just e-mail us at church at carmichaelbaptist dot org

"Where can I find a friend'

by Jenean Layne, Carmichael Baptist Church

Have you ever heard other ladies say (or thought it yourself), "I just wish the Lord would give me one close lady friend that I could share and pray with?" It seems we are often craving fellowship, but in our world of... (read article)

"The Battle"

by Jenean Layne, Carmichael Baptist Church

As followers of Christ, we are instructed to live as He lived: to be holy as He is Holy.  But what does this mean: “to be holy?”  Being a holy believer is being set apart from the defilement of sin for the service of God: not allowing our sinful nature or the world’s philosophies and norms to influence our... (read Article)

"Stress Happens"

by Pam Lively, Carmichael Baptist Church

Stress is a six-lettered word for an affliction that bothers most of us-One whose sole treatment is an elusive ten-lettered word called relaxation. Some people can never relax. There is always so much to be done. And seldom is anything done the way you probably... (read article)

"Pure in Heart"

by Lynn Lively, Carmichael Baptist Church

When God choose Moses to take on the tremendous task of leading the people out of Egypt and into the Promise Land he called on a man with a humble heart. In looking at Moses’ prayer of Exodus 33:12-13 the one word that jumps out is humility. He did not remind God of where he was raised and educated. He didn’t need his former... (read article)