Looking for Information?

Our Location

Our facilities are located right on the corner of California and Stanley Aves. right in the heart of Carmichael, California. Our address is 3210 California Ave which is just two blocks east of Fair Oaks Blvd. and nearest to the end of Marconi Ave. Click on the following link for Mapquest location. For further information you can email or call us.

Our Music Ministry

Our Music Minister is Bob Williams. Bob was raised in the home of a Baptist Pastor, G. A. Williams who served faithfully through out the state of California. Bob has been serving as the Minister of Music since 1990. He also serves as one of the deacons of our church.

Brother Perry Owen is our Associate Minister of Music who was also raised in the home of another Baptist preacher, Ray L. Owen. Perry serves and in both our audio and video ministry. Both Bob and Perry are dedicated to the Lord and bring a warm, vibrant, and encouraging style to our worship services using the old hymns. Both lead our choir to add to the wonder of our worship.

Our Pastor

Our Pastor is Bill Brown a native of California and raised in the home of a Baptist pastor. Pastor Brown has been our pastor since 1989 after being our associate for three years. He was saved here at Carmichael in 1978 and called to preach in 1981. After attending Carmichael Baptist College he left for his first full time service in Little Rock, Arkansas at Central Baptist Church while M. L. Moser, Jr. was their pastor.

Our Affiliation

Carmichael Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church. We have no affiliation with a Convention, Association, or Fellowship. We fellowship freely with churches that are of like faith and order. We do not believe our church has the liberty to join any other body but has complete liberty to associate with other churches of like faith and order in the work of the gospel and should associate with them in the work of the Kingdom.

Our Doctrine

Historically we believe and practice the same things as the day we were organized. Our articles of faith (found on the articles page) as well as the Old 1644 and 1646 London Confessions of Faith will give you an overall view of what we believe, teach, and practice. We are simply Baptist. While we might choose to be labeled a "strict particular" Baptist church and though we know terminology is often abused and misused we have no problem in saying that we are Calvinistic in our soteriology, Landmark in our ecclesiology, and pre-millennial in our eschatology. We exclusively use the King James Bible as our sole rule of faith and practice. We practice a restricted observance of the Lord's supper to those under the discipline of Carmichael Baptist Church. We believe scriptural baptism to be the immersion of a regenerate believer; for the purpose of publicly declaring their faith in Christ's death, burial and resurrection, and this baptism must be carried out by a proper administrator, a true gospel church. For more information you can contact us directly or read through the various articles and sermons to help you ascertain our doctrinal position.

Our Mission

We believe our commission is to preach the gospel to all the world, to teach those who receive God's word in faith, and to baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. To further that purpose we believe it is necessary to assemble together for edification of one another, worship of our gracious God, and discipleship of the faithful. We believe it is necessary to pray for one another, to exhort, rebuke, warn, and love one another as God clearly commands.

Our History

Carmichael Baptist Church was organized December 7th, 1968. Upon the adoption of our church covenant, a motion was made to declare ourselves a New Testament Church. The motion was made by Bill Ander's Sr., and seconded by Leland Massey. The motion was carried with a charter membership of 33 regenerate scripturally baptized believers. Recognition was given as a sister church by Highlands Missionary Baptist Church along with several other churches represented in attendance. Their next act as a church was to call Noel B. Brown as their pastor and then adopt the New Hampshire Confession of Faith as found in "Cobb's Baptist Church Manual" 1954 edition.